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Actualités Nouvelles de l'entreprise

Actu Protem 01/07/2019

PROTEM has added Russel Folger as a Sales Engineer for its USA entity

PROTEM has added Russel Folger as a Sales Engineer for its USA entity.

PROTEM has added Russel Folger as a Sales Engineer for its USA entity. Russel is charged with launching and developing the activities for the PROTEM USA division. With 50 years of experience as a welding preparation equipment designer and manufacturer, PROTEM is eager to renew their international partnerships and develop their presence in North America providing high-level customer service with its office near Denver, CO.

Russel will have the resources necessary to quickly and precisely understand the concerns of our customers in North and have the ability to propose dedicated solutions that will allow them to increase their efficiency and operational quality In Orbital Cutting, Beveling, and Portable Machining. This dynamic will globalize industry access to PROTEM’s problem-solving expertise.

PROTEM is a strategic partner with many major companies, in a variety of industries, across the globe, in the design, manufacture and implementation of portable machining, cutting and welding equipment. PROTEM has earned the status of worldwide leader in these industries because of an unceasing commitment to consistently optimize their performance and offer excellent support to industry operations all over the world.